Visual Impairments (VI)

Educators for students who are Blind/Visually Impaired in Minnesota

Mission:  The mission of the Minnesota Resource Center: Blind/Visually Impaired Low Vision Community of Practice is to support the educational rights of students with low vision.This includes the right of the student to:
  • have optimal access to the normal visual environment,
  • have visual capabilities evaluated comprehensively and accurately through clinical low vision evaluations, and
  • receive services from competent and qualified professionals.
Belief:  The Minnesota Resource Center: Blind/Visually Impaired Low Vision Community of Practice believes that
  • All students with low vision have a right to participate in a clinical low vision evaluation without cost inhibitors or geographical barriers.
  • Clinical low vision evaluation is a necessary component of a student’s medical care and it does not replace existing medical services.
  • Low vision services are a critical component of effective educational services to students with low vision.
  • Students with low vision have individual needs, which may be met through a range of services, tools, and solutions.

Accessible assessments:


Early Intervention

Orientation & Mobility


State & Regional Contacts

Kristin Oien

Blind / Visually Impaired Specialist
Minnesota Department of  Education
1500 Hwy, 36 West, Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 582-8843 / fax (651) 582-8729

Region 10 Vision Network Members:

Mary Kautto  - Austin

Dag RisengGCED

Gwen HowardSMEC

Sandy GorhamHVED South Cluster

Terri Kersting – HVED North Cluster

Connie TelschowMSAB

 Jeannie Worden - MSAB

 Mary Ann Honeycutt - Owatonna

Rita Sanderson Rochester

Karl-Peter HammerZED

Below is a listing of the new numbers for the braille section. The main switchboard can be reached at
Toll-free: 800-652-9000
Ph: (651) 539-2300

Manager: Donna Marhoun: 651-539-2307

Braille Techs: General line: 651-539-2315

Eileen Baker: 651-539-2303

Yvette Hennies: 651-539-2306

Sharon Obrestad: 651-539-2308

Braille Library

Librarian, Vicky Roberts: 651-539-2310

Library Assistant, Pat Barrett: 651-539-2304


Penny Carpenter: 651-539-2305

Valerie Snider-Wojack: 651-539-2314

Gail Stefanick: 651-539-2313


Allison O’Day: 651-539-2309

Judy Sanders: 651-539-2311


Jim Sarbacker: 651-539-2312

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      Date: May 14, 2014

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      Presenters: Ron Rogers

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