Surrogate Parents (PACER)

PACER Offers Surrogate Parent Resources. 

PACER Center’s Surrogate Program has posted a new video on its web page ( “The Parent Role in Special Education: Who Takes this Role for Foster Children?” gives a brief overview of the special education laws concerning who may act in the parent role for a child with a disability if a biological or adoptive parent is not available to do so.

“Children in Need of Surrogate Parents: Program Rules and Procedures in Minnesota” is also available from PACER Center. The book covers federal and state requirements, offers suggestions for public agency procedures, answers frequently asked questions and provides resources including sample forms. Order the book online or by calling PACER at 952-838-9000 or 800-537-2237. The cost is $9 or $6 each for 10 or more copies.

Under a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education, PACER continues to provide information and support around the topic of surrogate parents within special education. Other PACER resources include:

• Free online surrogate parent training at

• Recruitment brochure.

Information and support for parents, school districts, and counties, through e-mail to or by calling Carolyn Anderson or Virginia Richardson at PACER Center, 952-838-9000 or 800-537-2237.

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