Deaf or Hard of Hearing CoP

CEC Division of Communicative Disabilities and Deafness

What you need to know about Closed Captioning

It Benefits All Students by:

  • Increasing print exposure
  • Increasing foundational reading skills:
    • Reading speed and fluency
    • Word knowledge
    • Decoding
    • Vocabulary acquisition
    • Word recognition
    • Reading comprehension
    • Oral reading rates

Increases Engagement

Students have access to:

Image of bar graph displaying the people who use captioning

  • Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)
  • Allows students to read and lessen the strain to hear the material
  • Interactive learning experiences
  • Participation in post discussions (due to access to the content)
  • Increased self-regulation

Resources to learn more:

Creating your own Captions:


Search for videos with captions

Videos with captions available will have a “CC” icon underneath the video summary in search results. If you’d like search results to only show videos with captions available, enable this search filter:

  1. Enter your keywords in the YouTube search bar
  2. Click the Filters button
  3. Click CC (closed caption)

Minnesota Department of Education

Professional resources

Minnesota compensatory skills

Opportunities for Social Interaction and Friendship

  • Deaf day at the U
  • Deaf day at the Minnesota Zoo
  • Region Fall Field Trip
  • Regional Spring Trip

Expanded Core Curriculum for D/HH

Language and Communication Focused IEPs for Learners Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing:


  • MN Resource Libraries
    MN Resource Libraries is a statewide library providing information and resources to help families and educators meet the educational needs of Minnesota children and youth who have a hearing and or vision loss.
  • MN Resource Libraries Online Catalog

Cochlear Implants – YouTube
In this video, I discuss cochlear implants. More free lessons at:

SmartLink+ – Hearing Aid FM System For Adults & Teens – YouTube
SmartLink+ by Phonak –

Tips when working with students who are Deaf / Hard of Hearing