Region 10 IEIC

Region 10 Interagency Early Intervention Committee 

Mission Statement

  • Promoting positive beginnings by identifying and serving eligible children and their families.

Purpose Of The Committee

  • Region 10 IEIC will develop and assure the implementation of interagency policies and procedures so that eligible children ages birth to five and their families are identified and have access to appropriate services and supports.

Meeting Dates

  • September 25, 2018 – ZED
  • December 18, 2018 – ZED
  • March 19, 2019 – ZED
  • June 18, 2019 – ZED

IEIC Coordinator

IEIC Board

  • Chair – Kirby Bussman
  • Co-Chair – Holly Schoenbauer
  • Notetaker – Shari Mensink

Operating Procedures

Requirements of the Committee
Statutory Requirements:
Purpose of Interagency Early Intervention Committee: M.S. 125A.30
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Meeting Minutes

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How to make a referral to Help Me Grow MN


Outreach Committee

Purpose: The outreach committee is to develop public awareness systems designed to inform potential recipient families, especially parents with premature infants, or infants with other physical risk factors associated with learning or development complications, of available programs and services

EHDI Committee

Purpose: The MN Regional EHDI Teams work to support local, regional and statewide interagency EHDI initiatives that help build capacity in their school districts and regions for providing evidence-based early intervention and early childhood support services that meet the unique needs of young children with hearing loss and their families.

Data Committee

Purpose: The Data Committee is responsible for creating, collecting, interpreting and reporting to the IEIC information that is collected to meet the goals and objectives of the Annual Plan.  This includes but not limited to; Quarterly Referral Tracking, dissemination of materials, regular contacts with primary referral sources, etc.

Annual Plan Committee

Purpose: The Annual Plan Committee is responsible for ensuring that the goals and objectives of the Annual Plan are met and reported on.

IEIC Coordinator Job Description